Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On My Community Needs Assessmen

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on My Community Needs Assessment. It needs to be at least 750 words.

The soils are very fertile with Black Belt and Delta areas being dominant. Mississippi’s terrain is flat with small differences in the state (Mississippi, 2011).

There is a bountiful background of cotton farming in Mississippi commencing in early 1800’s. Venture in cotton propelled the economy of Mississippi to one of the affluent states in the union before the civil war and obligated the use of slaves. Mississippi joined confederacy as the second state at the time of civil war. The slaves were set free after the war flopping the cotton industry. Many communal customs that emerged prior to the war were enhanced by the state’s economy and isolation persisted into1950’s (Mississippi, 2011).

Mississippi’s population estimate was 2,978,512 with majority being locals. Females occupy half the population and there is a mixture of whites and African Americans at sixty and thirty-seven percent respectively. Latino is less than 3percent. The little Chinese population is mainly in Delta (Mississippi, 2011).

Mississippi is the poorest in America (Handley, 2011). The estimate of the Goss state product was about $98billion in 2010 with 45,191 people getting welfare and 277,690 children taking part in free lunch program (Mississippi, 2011). Figures of insolvency children rose from 16.4 to 33.7percent in the past 10 years with present poverty at over 21percent. Unemployment rate is more than 10percent with the inhabitants earning the least income of less than $30,000 annually. Nevertheless, the state has lowest living cost.

The population is Christian with Protestants being the majority mainly Baptists and Methodists. The Roman Catholic is predominantly in the south. There are a few Jewish. Additionally, Buddhists and Muslims are present but in excessively small numbers (Mississippi, 2011). Mississippi is among the unhygienic states in America in ten years continuously (Associated press, 2011). Obesity is rampant with African American among the most obese at 42.6

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