Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Motivation Theories And How

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Motivation Theories and How It Affects Employees’ Commitment and Performance at Work. It needs to be at least 2750 words.

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From this study it is clear that &nbsp.businesses should motivate its workforce not only for them to commit and perform but also to keep them in the organisation. Keeping valuable employees motivated in an organisation is not only intended to make them commit and perform but also to keep them over the long haul. The most common notion about motivation is to shower them with fat paychecks but this proved to be inadequate in keeping employees motivated. As what organisational theorists have reported, committing employees to perform towards a common goal involves an interplay of various factors that involves not only remuneration, but also the social and psychological dimensions of work that keep employees productive. Several business organisations even went as far as integrating play with work not only to keep their employees committed and productive, but also to induce creativity in the workplace which proved to be beneficial to a company’s diversification drive such as the case of Google. These various motivation theories shall be discussed in this paper and we will also tackle how these theories affect performance in today’s competitive environment. According to the discussion the classical theorists of motivation a. Frederick Winslow Taylor’s Principles of Scientific Management Taylor first conceived the idea that workers are mainly motivated solely by wage. He posited that management has to possess the control and knowledge of the methods of production so that it would have a greater control of achieving efficiency in an organisation that includes motivating its workforce. For Taylor, the breaking up functions into small quantifiable tasks is necessary to make the time-piece rate pay possible that will encourage employees to work harder if they can see that they are being paid with more work. This theory assumed that employees are more motivated with more pay and confined motivation to solely addressing the economic needs of a business organisation’s employees.

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