Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Marketing Planning Mc Donald

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Marketing Planning: Mc Donalds Case. It needs to be at least 3500 words.

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The intention of this study is Mc Donald’s as one of the leading retailers in food service and serves around 64million customers globally in 119 countries. Mc Donald’s entered UK in the year 1974. As of 2009 it has 1900 units all over UK. In 2011 its UK sales increased by a whopping 11% serving around 25 million customers. Their mission is to improve their service as well as the environment and build operations that are sustainable for the future market. The current leaders at the helm of the company are: Jim Skinner – CEO Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Don Thompson-President and Chief Operating Officer, Richard Floersch Executive Vice President – Chief Human Resources Officer, Doug Goare- President, McDonald’s Europe, Jeff Stratton-Executive Vice President and Worldwide Chief Restaurant Officer, Gloria Santona- Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary, Fred L. Turner-Honorary Chairman. The market the company operates is highly competitive and needs strong relationship marketing and brand salience to create and sustain a loyal consumer base. The company follows strict quality as well as cooking policy. The restaurants even have recreational fields for children. Their promotional tagline is “I am loving it”. And a lot of promotional activities have been targeted towards children.The most famous being their Happy Meal chains and associated assorted merchandise which mostly included characters and superheroes from super hit movies. Appendix 2 The Economic Conditions of UK – United Kingdom is undergoing huge reforms in the face of current economic crisis. Prime Minister Gordon Brown has particularly accused the banking sector for the current conditions. There is an increase in the unemployment rate as well as the pressure to maintain liberal business policies for immigrants from other countries. As per the data in the year 2008, the economy shrank by 1.5 percent. McDonalds and Obesity- Certain phrases like “I am fat and I am loving it” are doing rounds as the percentage of obese children is increasing and is currently more than 30 percent. This concern is being voiced worldwide. In fact in United States of America, two New York residents Ashley Pelman and Jazlyn Brad filed a lawsuit against Mc Donald’s, that their product Chicken McNugget was the prime responsible factor for their obesity. McDonalds has also responded by releasing a draft of their safe standards of food and cooking policy. They also released their food animal initiatives.

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