Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Marketing Intelligence 2 It

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Marketing Intelligence 2. It needs to be at least 2500 words.

(Reuters, 2012).

The objectives of this marketing plan created for Superdry are to conduct market research for the company by looking at some specific factors like customer behaviour and demand in the future and using this information to build more research on customer satisfaction. Throughout the course of this marketing plan, some key objectives will be looked at, for example marketing research techniques, the validity of market findings and situation specific information. Through this research, it is to be determined what steps Superdry needs to adopt in its marketing objectives that will help it adjust in the new market scenario. The business’s strengths are that it has a lot of appeal in the market that it caters to , however that is a small market and on the weakness side, Superdry doesn’t advertise too overtly to become a more prominent player in the market. Some specific objectives include increasing customer satisfaction, sales volume and consequently restoring the company’s position on the stock market.

Recently, Superdry has gone through a lot of structural changes. One of the cofounders of Superdry, Karpathios, who became a partner of the company in 2004, quit this year. Superdry has also experienced falling stock prices and sales levels and shortfalls of stocks. (Baird, 2012). Further, this year Superdry partnered with Indian conglomerate, Reliance Industries. (Jogi, 2012). This move has allowed it to expand its target market and venture into a new arena. India is an expanding market and has a large and diverse population which will help Superdry expand further in the future.

A SWOT analysis on Superdry would reveal numerous things. When looking at the strengths that Superdry offers, we notice the elements of quality, niche market appeal and variety. The brand has kept quality levels high while maintaining reasonable prices as compared to other brands that sell branded clothes for a niche market. (Jogi, 2012). However, there are

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