Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Management On The Case Of On

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Management on The Case of/on Risks. It needs to be at least 1500 words.

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8 References 10 Executive Summary Project management can be defined as a process by which an organization plans, organizes, manages and controls its resources for the purpose of achieving specific goals (Melvin and Wilshusen, 2007, p.22). Most of the organization uses project management for implementing any activity. However it has larger scope, it may also include budget, timeframe, and identification of logical framework (PM4DEV, 2008, p.13). Project management also helps avoid problems associated with the project (Reiss, 2007, p.2). Hence in order to accomplish a project successfully role of a project manager is significant (Gido and Clements, 2008, p.303). In general a project is faced with three constraints result, budget and time (Thomsett, 2009, p.7). Therefore to overcome these limitations the control process must have to strong. The study will highlight the case of the unidentified risk where it will emphasize on the project management issues. Furthermore the report will also shed light on the issues raised in the case pertaining to the management of project. Finally the report will conclude and offer few recommendations regarding how the issues can be sorted out. Introduction The case entails about two companies namely ACME fabricators and Arbor industries. ACME fabricator is in the process of setting their new factory and office at a semi rural place. The company is socially responsible and would like their premises to be cleaner and greener. Hence in order to carry out landscaping activities the company invited tender. Arbor industries, a company involved in the activities of landscaping was selected for the project. In order to ensure representations from both the sides Arbor has appointed a project manager to administer the whole process while the finance manager of ACME was given the role of overseeing the project. The project was running smoothly until the newly leveled lawns got damaged due to heavy vehicles. Due to this phenomenon the first meeting between the two parties took place to decide the issue pertaining to damaging of the lawn. However to sort out the issue there were verbal agreements between the two representatives. As things started to roll on smoothly, the finance manager suddenly left the company. The new representative who came from the side of ACME was unaware about the verbal contracts and several other internal matters. This has led to huge confusions between the two companies and created dissatisfaction. Nevertheless the project ended before the deadline but with an exceeding budget. After the completion of the project the senior executives found that the results were unsatisfactory, and did not resembles the proposed sketch. The next half of the report will discuss about the issues raised in the case. Discussion A post project review is necessary for the evaluation of a project performance (Hedeman, Haren &amp. Heemst, 2006, p.103). In this context it will mainly sort out differences between the two parties. A post project review is defined as the ultimate formal evaluation of the project that examines any new lessons which might benefit the future projects (Zedtwitz, 2002, p.256). How would you set about conducting such a review? The assessment is about examining what went wrong with the project and what can be done to enhance the quality of future projects.

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