Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Louise Bourgeois Suspension

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Louise Bourgeois Suspension art show and write an about Louise Bourgeois current exhibition. It needs to be at least 750 words.

’s marble sculptures, of the 1990s large installations, the Cells, the house –women theme is omnipresent in all the works by Louise Bourgeois (Armstrong, 2006).

In her works, which derive their meeting taste of incongruent elements coming from the surrealists, the bodies of women terminated in different houses types. In this work, the rigorously vertical canvas, the female figure that is without arms, carrying a grey building that has columns on its shoulders. The house grey rigidity contrasts with the bright pink color of the female body whose genitals that have been outlined resemble a flower.

Louise Bourgeois also has a wood painted in white with black and blue 69.10 by 68.60 by 206.40 cm in size. In her early career, Louise Bourgeois did a lot of painting until 1947 when she began doing sculpture work, producing totemic figures from wood. These figures, which she referred to them as “personages”, are entities which enabled Louise Bourgeois to get rid of the homesickness which she experienced after living France and the members of her family.

Louise Bourgeois considered sculpture as an interrelationship with what is around her and the pieces of works between themselves. Lacking bases, she designed her personages in such away that they were pushed into the ground just like totems. Her gallery constraints obliged her to include bases on them.

Quarantania sculpture is made up of five figures, including all the totems that Louise Bourgeois displayed separately in the exhibition in 1949 at the Peridot Gallery. At the centre of the sculpture is the woman with packages with several shuttle-women surrounding it. The shuttle, which is one of the tools that were used by her parents as they worked in their workshop restoring Aubusson tapestries, is an emotional and formal element associated with the childhood of the artists.

Insecurely balanced at that point which fixes it to its base, each of the female figure look like are supporting the other figures and

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