Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Listening Journal Composers

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on LISTENING JOURNAL COMPOSERS MUSIC HISTORY I. It needs to be at least 750 words.

Johann Sebastian Bach studied orthodox Lutheranism, Latin, Greek, mathematics, history, world geography and German literature. When Johann Sebastian Bach was nine years old he had an encounter with Johann Pachelbel. Johann Sebastian Bach received training on playing the organ at St. Michaels Church. Johann Sebastain Bach went on to play at the Court of the Duke of Weimar. He became master of concerts there. The first work that is to be studied is BWV1052 .

In Bachs Harpsichord concierto, the harpsichord is the center piece in the orchestra. The harpsichord transcription was accomplished by adapting the ripieno string parts in order to make this piece emotionally stirring and vibrant. Chords are added in order to give fullness to this composition and there are left hand figurative adaptations in the harpsichord. In the primary and tertiary movement, the left hand of the harpsichordist imitates the ripieno continuo and the right hand of the harpsichordist plays melodically, as if to imitate a violin type sound. The primary and tertiary movements have a similar melodic foundation. The movements occurs in four sections, the commencement demonstrates the them in D minor, which is consequent to the emergence of F major. The second movement follows the leading A minor which is commuted to a C major. The third section resonates to the passive G minor and its accompanying major B flat major. The fourth section gives a recompilation of the preceding three themes.

This is a harpsichord concierto which was originally adapted from a piece made for an oboe. BWV 1053 in E major is a modification of Johann Sebastian Bachs work, the ripieno parts are much less pronounced than in BWV 1052 in D minor and they are given to the tutti venues. The lower tones of the harpsichord are more pronounced in BWV 1053 in E major than they are in BWV1052 in D minor. This adaptation enabled the harpsichord to be the centerpiece of

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