Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Learning Knowledge And Effec

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Learning knowledge and effective performance. It needs to be at least 2000 words.

Investment is learning is made possible through training and development of individuals and it is quintessential to harness such strengths so that the employees could manifest their truest selves within the workplace settings. On the same token, it is also important that organizations give the employees a choosing policy so that they could opt for the courses which they think are essential for their future training and development needs. However some studies could be made mandatory so that all the employees make sure that they take it for their own betterment. Indeed the organizational regimes would benefit in the long run and this is an important consideration for the top management, who is always enacting policies to suit the needs of the employees at the workplace. This paper takes a keen look at the ways and means through which training and development has assisted the learning quotient. and the methods which are deemed as significant in such activities are also touched upon in meticulous.

As an HRD advisor, it would be my duty to properly align the training and development activities under those methods which bring out the best value. This value is measured through the application of training and development activities towards the employees. The long term benefits are envisaged and the same are manifested in a manner which is close to their tasks and processes that they undertake at the workplace. Learning has taken the front seat in most organizations because the top management understands its due role and thus gives the best possible mechanism for learning to develop within the workplace settings. Learning is deemed as essential as it outlines the strengths within the processes that are held under the aegis of training and development activities (Kraiger 2002). As an HRD advisor, it is of utmost concern to me that I lay the basis for properly attuning the salient aspects which work alongside the

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