Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Leadership And Organisation

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Leadership and organisation. It needs to be at least 2250 words.

It will focus how and when change takes place within an organization, and how leaders adopt with it, deal with it and what are the consequences while dealing with the change. The essay will discuss the basic skills of leadership such as the ability to inspire others, have effective communication skills, is enthusiastic and inspirational. The importance of these skills would assist the leaders to manage the change. The main objective of this paper is not only to review the concepts of leadership on theoretical notions but to also elaborate the application of these theories with the real case study examples.

Leadership is an influence of people including leaders and followers who aim the actual changes and outcomes that reflect their shared drives. It reflects upon the changes and purposes being shared by the people (Daft 2008, p.4). Leadership involves the four vital factors including leader, followers, communication and situation that help to acquire the positive within an institute. Every leader should have personal responsibility and honesty towards the followers and organization, besides leader should have the mentality to accept changes and sharing purpose with the followers (Clark 2010). According to Daft definition leadership entails forming change, and not only being dependent upon the traditional concepts. This change directs to achieve the end-results that leader and the follower both desires. It helps to influence and motivate the leader and the follower to attain the mutual vision (Daft 2008, p.194).

Organizational change is considered as an approach of bringing change in terms of transition within the team or organization in the current phase to the desired phase. There are different types of organizational change for which leaders are responsible including mission changes, strategic changes, operational changes technological changes, behavioral changes among the workforce (Boje 2000).

Leaders are highly

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