Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Lasting Progress In Helping

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Lasting progress in helping populations to adopt and maintain healthy behaviors is probably best achieved at the community level through the coordinated efforts of multiple institutions and programs that reach citizens where they live, work, play, and s. It needs to be at least 2250 words.

ated efforts of multiple institutions and programs that reach citizens where they live, work, play, and study” Woolf, Dekker, Rothenberg Byrne , And Miller, 2011:s45). Critically discuss the implications of this assertion in relation to health promotion practice

Health can be defined is a condition of complete mental, physical, and social health and not just lack of illness and disability (The World Health Report, 2000). It is the process of empowering people in the society to strengthen their well-being and its determining factor is known as health promotion (Bunton and Macdonald, 2002). Families improve their health through health promotion. People are also able to increase their quality of well-being, attain and preserve the same through health promotion (Wise and Signal, 2000). The process not only promotes individual well-being but also promotes a positive, healthy community. Scriven and Garman (2007) define health promotion as a positive assumption emphasizing on individual, social, constitutional and organized resources, as well as objective capacities. Chenoweth (2007) added that health promotion involves, training, political, spiritual, economic, or governmental initiative developed to bring positive behavioral, attitudinal, social, or environmental change towards improving the society well-being. This promotion is directed towards combating the negative effects of well-being. Therefore, health promotion requires a careful co-operation of areas more than health service industries, revealing the variety of circumstances, which affect health (Pender, Murdaugh and Parsons, 2006). This essay will critically explore and discuss the implications of community development in relation to Health Promotion Practice.

In the Ireland society, health promotion is described as a discipline and the ability of assisting people transform their way of living and improve their life style (Ryan, McNamara and Deasy, 2006). Improved health is described as a balance of

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