Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Lacrosse Sport It Needs To B

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Lacrosse Sport. It needs to be at least 500 words.

The game could engage teams of over hundred to thousand players in a field covering more than 500 yards or even half a mile. Players were expected to move a small ball, made of animal skin, past the opponent’s goal post using three or four foot long sticks with a net at the end. The game lasted for two to three days consecutively from sunup to sundown.

The transformation of Baggataway to today’s Lacrosse begun in 1637 with the French missionaries who observed the Indians play and introduced it in France. This was followed by a match between the French and Indians at Montreal’s Olympic club in 1844. The France missionaries are also recognized as the founders of the name Lacrosse from their generic term “Crosse” referring to stick and ball games. The sport was then introduced in Canada where George Beers, the father to modern Lacrosse sport, revised the game rules and founded National Lacrosse Association of Canada. The Association modified the game and reduced the number of team players to twelve. The game’s popularity grew not only in Canada but also across other countries such as England, United States, Ireland, and Australia (Massie, 1997).

There are three main reasons that qualify Lacrosse to be included in the next, 2014, winter Olympics. The first one is that Lacrosse is both a summer and winter game. This is possible because, currently there are four kinds of Lacrosse games that include Mini lacrosse, Box or indoor, Men’s field, and women’s field Lacrosse (Aveni, 2012). Mini lacrosse and Box or indoor Lacrosse can be played during the winters since they are not played in the open. Mini lacrosse is a modification of Lacrosse that emphases on the skills which are usually taught in the gym. It is also easy to hold a Box Lacrosse match in a room since it consists of 12 players, 6 from each team. Moreover, during the summers all the four sports are viable to be played.

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