Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Jean Watson S Theory Of Cari

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Jean Watson’s Theory of Caring. It needs to be at least 2000 words.

The ultimate aim of this context is to examine Jean Watson’s theory of caring and its implications for both patients and nurses. This paper begins by outlining the overview of the theory before looking at how she brought out the idea of caring moment and how it can apply to daily lives of people (Potter & Perry, 1999).

Watson’s theory of human caring also called theory of transpersonal caring or the caring model was established in 1979. The theory has undergone evolution for several years, but its root principal remains outstanding. The theory stresses on the concept of humanistic issue of nursing in conjunction to scientific knowledge. She modeled the theory in a way that it clearly brings out the implication and focus to nursing as a different health line of work. She believed that caring is a backing and support of the identity of nurses (Delaune, 2002). She added on that the identity of medicine is that of caring, since nurses deal with patients and medicines. the same should portray their identity. Florence Nightingale who stated that, “It is the surgeon who saves the life of an individual and it is the nurse who helps the life of this person,” heavily supported Watson’s implication (Reed, 2006). The theory of human caring implies that the role of nurses is to develop a caring association with patients through treating them as holistic being, which means, body, mind and spirit.

The nurses are also supposed to express categorical acceptance and care for patients with a positive concern. They are also supposed to foster health through wisdom and involvement. Watson defined caring moment as the uninterrupted time that a nurse spends with a patient where they can share a story, advice, a joke, laugh together and at least make the patient feel healed. It is the session where the nurse and the patient make contact through nurse entering the patient’s room and making him

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