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Secondly, the code provides as a support for the mission of the organization and allows the nurturing and growth of professional counseling. Thirdly, the code can act as a source of information for the ethical behavior and the best practices that is expected of the members. Also, it acts as a guide to the members to help them construct a well defined course of action which would be beneficial for utilizing the counseling services and also to help promote and market the profession of counseling. Last but not the least, the code is also a mode for the filing of ethical complaints and any inquiries against any member of the association.

Purpose of the Organization: The American Counseling association has been developed as a nonprofit and educational organization, which aims at the improvement and growth of the counseling profession. This is a setting which has been introduced as long as 57 years ago to provide a representation to the professional counselors. The main purpose of the organization also includes the assistance provided for development of skills and expansion of knowledge base to assist the professionals become more effective and efficient at their job (ACA, 2009).

Benefits of Membership: The organization provides several benefits to the members. Once an individual becomes a member of this organization, they can be rest assured that they will receive all and any kinds of assistance to help them progress their profession as counselors. They will receive constant news and updates along with the various opportunities that are available for them to help them improve as well as progress in the career in an ethical and very professional manner. This is an excellent chance for the individuals to gain as much of this and to help themselves become more effective and efficient.

Purpose of the Organization: This website on the other hand is more

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