Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On How Engineering Improve The

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on How Engineering improve the safety of dangerous sports. It needs to be at least 1250 words.

Sports can be thrilling and a useful way of spending your time. Even though sports are mainly meant to be harmless and a source of joy, some of them are very risky to those taking part in them. Some of the dangerous sports include bicycle motocross where the cyclist performs hazardous tricks while in the air, racing like in formula 1 in which accidents have been fatal, big wave surfing, football, volcano boarding, tennis, ice hockey, skateboarding and basketball.

In my view, engineering has been very helpful in reducing the amount of injuries in sports. The number of injuries reported in recent years have been less compared to those reported when the advancement in engineering field wasn’t as much. Engineers have come up with ways that have improved our safety in many sports that are generally considered dangerous and harmful. This developments have resulted in many people getting involved in such sports and of course I have been encouraged too given am safer now when am enjoying my sport.

Looking at football for example, engineers have come up with helmets that can protect the player’s skull from fracture during those strong tackles. Helmets that can prevent concussions are also being developed thus improving the safety of players. This has been a very vital research as risks of death are reduced. The players also wear mouth guards made by engineers to protect themselves from losing teeth and some protective gear on other parts of body. Comparing modern day football and that from back then, I would actually want to be a football player in this days due to safety concerns.

In motor racing, those cars are a lot safer now due to efforts done by engineers do ensure safety of drivers. There have been development of safety helmets, fire extinguishers in the race cars, racing uniforms that wouldn’t catch fire easily in the case that the vehicle caught fire during the

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