Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Highrate Of College Students

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Highrate of college students dropout. It needs to be at least 1000 words.

In the college, a student receives a college degree when he/she completes this phase of education system. While completing this cycle of education, if a student leaves in between, then he/she is considered to be a dropout student. Discussion Today, it is estimated that about 1.2 million students drop out each year in the United States, which makes USA 19th in the world. There are many possible reasons that can cause a drop out, which frequently includes poor grades, financial problems, bullying, family emergencies, depression, mental disorders, negative environment, boredom and lack of freedom (Nation Master). Drop Out Rate Drop out or discontinuing studies is one of the main issues of college students. The most significant factors involved in dropping out from graduating or completing studies are the financial, social and family factors or issues that play an important role in the lives of students. It is a fact that these three factors play a vital role in the increased dropout rate of student s from colleges, but the burden of studies and academics should never be ignored. The burden of academics and studies also play a vital role in forcing students to discontinue studies. These are the vital factors that cause stress in the students and force them to drop out their graduate courses (Nation Master). Academic Stress The most important cause of college students drop out is the regular pressure of studies that is experienced in college students. The main source of causing this stress among college students is teachers and parents who have high expectations from their students to obtain high scores in examinations. College student have to study hard to get the expected results without taking care of their health. The academic stress also includes difficult class schedules, challenging tests and exams, increased workload. This is the most common cause of stress that occurs in college students (David). Social Issues Social issues are another source of drop out for college students. This issue has a vital impact, mainly a negative impact on student psychology. College students experience various stresses that are caused by social factors. These social factors include that college students sometimes have to leave their families to reside in hostels away from their houses and families. When students leave their families, they have to communicate with other people at the place they reside. For example, they have to stay with roommates. The stress of coping with new methods and new people is also included in the social issues. Another issue under this category includes the pressure of balancing the time available among studies and friends. Another significant source of stress in college students is to tackle and cope with the dynamics of young adult relationship. These are the significant factors among the social issues that could have negative impacts on college students and affect their physical and mental health which ultimately lead to a drop out. Financial Stress In today’s era, a student does not only have the burden of studies, but is also overburdened by financial stress. Students have to think about fulfilling their financial needs themselves at a very young age. They need money for their food expenses, education and books expenses, housing and lodging. College students also have to think about getting a part time job besides studying so that they could earn money to fulfill their financial n

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