Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Health Sciences And Medicine

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on HEALTH SCIENCES AND MEDICINE. It needs to be at least 500 words.

Based on such a perspective, this paper analyses the extent and impact that the shortage of nurses has caused to Hallways Hospital, and most especially on the stakeholders, with specificity on patients.

A number of reasons have been stated to contribute towards the shortage of clinical nurses and other professionals in Hallways Hospital. These include early retirement for the nurses as a majority of them seek to get involved in other activities, considering that the profession is considered t lack profitability by a majority of the professionals. Additionally, poor working conditions have also contributed towards a number of nurses leaving the hospital and seeking for other greener pastures (Huston, 2009). Poor remuneration is also a contributing factor towards the shortage of nurses in the hospital (Buerhaus, Straiger and Auerbach, 2009).

The shortage of nurses in Hallways Hospital has significantly had severe consequences on service delivery in the hospital, with the greatest affected stakeholders being the patients who are ideally directly affected by the shortage. Instances in which there is increased shortage of nurses, it is obvious that there is a successive reduction in the quality of service delivery as the few nurses have to perform extra tasks, thereby causing them distress, which then results to poor performances (Cowen, 2011). Motivation is usually a very important element in every profession and in healthcare facilities, one of the best means to motivate nurses and other healthcare professionals is to provide better remuneration in terms of wages and pay. Currently, healthcare facilities are some of the institutions where workers receive the least of wages and pays. These ideally, are a demoralization of the nurses, making them perform poorly in their duties. With increased poor performance, the service delivery in such institutions is likely to depreciate, and as such, Hallways hospital has been greatly

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