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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Graphic Design research paper. It needs to be at least 1000 words.

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It is, therefore, not possible to use only one approach to all data variants. Effective communication begins with the right choice of the channel. Failure to choose wisely may result to misinterpretation and confusion. Cluttering of the piece also creates distortion and disrupts the smooth decoding of the information one wishes to communicate (Morra-Imas and Rist 478). The design used must accomplish a certain goal. In coming up with the design, the human emotion is taken into consideration. The designer or communicator aims at eliciting an emotion that allows the reader to follow the design and decode the meaning. Once data is available, the communicator lays out the available options for presenting it meaningfully to arrive at the most appropriate design. The design must take into account the target audience in terms of intellectual perception, age or even profession. A suitable design is a result of skillful coordination of elements. Often, how effectively information passes to the reader depends on the appropriate choice of design. For a successful design, various principles gain consideration. As outlined by Resnick (24), the principles of design include. balance, emphasis, rhythm, unity, and contrast. Balance deals with distribution of design elements in the design. Balance occurs when the distribution is uniform. Two types of balance exist. asymmetrical, and symmetrical. Symmetrical balance occurs as a result of equal arrangement of elements on both sides of a composition. If elements become skewed to one side, an imbalance occurs. The choice of balance depends on the dynamic movement the designer wants to create. Emphasis is the element that gains instant recognition. Its purpose is to attract attention. It forms the most salient feature on the visual presentation. To achieve emphasis, a designer may make the element larger or bolder or code it in a contrasting or brighter color than the adjacent elements. Rhythm presents the way in which the elements in the design direct the reader’s gaze. A sequence forms when the rhythm creates a reading order. Repeating elements create the impression of rhythm. Unity is another principle. A design achieves unity if the elements relate to each other to create an impression of completeness. Unity is essential in eliciting interest in a reader. Two approaches gain application in achieving unity. These are. grouping, and ground. Grouping happens by placing elements close together such that they appear as part of a group. Ground occurs when a viewer identifies an object distinctly from its base or background. The final principle is contrast. The principle emphasizes visual differences in terms of shape, size, and color of the individual elements. Contrast focuses the attention of the viewer to certain areas of information. Design-lib.com recognizes additional principles to those of Resnick (24), above. Proximity deals with elements arrangement on the page. The intention of proximity is the creation of unity by placing like elements together. Alignment is the other principle that gains recognition. Alignment deals with the organization of the design, and the expression of the outlook. Lack of alignment gives an impression of sloppiness just as the same way that mixing too many elements.

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