Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Freedom Of Information And P

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Freedom of Information and Privacy. It needs to be at least 500 words.

the government has every right to charge the organization. therefore it is better that the organization must make sure that the public funding is not being used for any purpose other than public welfare (Misuse of Public Funds, 2013).

2. No in my opinion I do not think that there should not be any difference between the privatization of traditional governmental services and private corporations using public funding for non-traditional services, as both of these services are directed towards one cause i.e. providing services for the betterment of people. Privatization of the traditional government services can be quite beneficial in some cases as when any of the government department or institution is facing a loss. The government may privatize an institution, which in the long run can be beneficial for the overall economy. Private institution at the end of the day believes in gaining profits out of the operations they are carrying on. This is what makes the private institution more successful than the government institutions (Should government stop offering any service that the private sector can provide?, 2013).

3. There are many private corporations in which they fraud, waste abuse and corruption is at its peak. The charitable organizations too are not at all immune to the FWAC. Brain Collins the retired CEO of Enron Corporation stated in an interview that their organization conducted a research on nonprofit organizations. The result of the research suggested that every year the corruption of 1.1 million occurs in the nonprofit organizations. One can predict that if the amount of corruption is so high in institutes that are solemnly working for the betterment of the society that what will be the case of other organizations (Not-for-Profits Not Immune to Fraud, 2013).

4. If the FOIA legislation fails to force the private organizations to effectively respond to their request, the government can play its role in by assigning a contracting agency that will look

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