Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Forensic Medicine It Needs T

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Forensic Medicine. It needs to be at least 1250 words.

It entails relation with the observations and the doctors are the primary witnesses and they are required to give their opinions based on truth and without any bias towards the side they are representing. Medical confidentiality can raise conflicts between law and medicine (Forensic-Medecine.info, n.d.).

Forensic medicine is an important area of forensic science and it involves the application of medical knowledge to civil and criminal law. The areas of medicine that are used in forensic medicine are pathology, psychiatry, and anatomy. Forensic medicine is involved in cases such as those concerning mental illness, blood relationship, death resulting from violence, and injury. Autopsy is basically used in the determination of the cause of death (such as poison or gunshot wound) specifically in situations where it is suspected there was foul play. Post-mortem examination can also provide important information such as the length of time a person has been dead (the information can assist in tracing the killing) (Forensic-Medecine.info, n.d.).

Every minute a number of people are either injured in a crime or are killed under unknown circumstances. The determination of the cause of the injury or death is sometimes very difficult especially when a foul play is suspected to have happened. Forensic medicine has come in handy to assist in the investigation of the type of crime and manner used in inflicting injury and the cause of death. Forensic medicine is an exhilarating subject since it offers the investigator in this case a forensic pathologist to explore the mechanisms and manner of death of the victim in question. It has also assisted in solving rape cases and a number of court cases that involved the death of the victim in question. In simple times, forensic medicine can be equated to the application of medicine in the legal field.

The relationship between law and medicine started in the early periods and the bonds which united

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