Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Examine The Factors Which Ha

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Examine the factors which have influenced consumption over the past three years in the UK. Has consumption been let get out of control. It needs to be at least 4000 words.

If compared to the past, the consumption in UK could be characterized as rather increased. however, the whole situation cannot be referred as being out of control. It is rather an expected outcome especially if taking into consideration the development of technology and the changes in the social and cultural ethics across Britain – as a consequence of globalization and the entrance in the country of people with different social and cultural background. more specifically, Britain has become – mainly for professional but also for educational reasons – a favourable destination of people from developing countries but also of those belonging in member states – a phenomenon well developed after the enlargement of European Union. Under these terms, the characteristics of consumption in Britain could be expected to be influenced by many different factors especially the country’s social and cultural ethics while the culture of the people living across the country – this culture can be differentiated as explained above – is another important factor influencing the characteristics of consumption developed across the country. Of course, consumption is a multidimensional social phenomenon. apart from the factors mentioned above other factors – related with the individual’s personal perceptions – can also affect the rate of consumption through the years in a particular region. In UK which is a highly developed country consumption related with a series of social activities (travelling, entertainment, shopping) has been increased the last 3 years following the development of technology but also the improvement of the standard of living in all areas across the country. This increase reflects also the development of the national economy compared to the economies of other countries within the international community. In any case, the rates of consumption across

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