Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Ethics And Leadership A 3 50

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Ethics and Leadership: A 3,500 word report on a multi-national organization that has successfully embodied and integrated the cu. It needs to be at least 3500 words.

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The study will provide a view about BP Plc’s CSR, values, ethics, ethical leadership, their implemented methods of training the members of staffs with ethical values and culture. Subsequently, discussion of attracting the right staff members towards the BP Plc and certain recommendations will be provided. Table of Contents Executive Summary 2 Introduction 4 Aims / Objectives 4 The Challenges BP Plc Face in Trying to Achieve CSR 5 Ensuring Members of Staff are Being Trained in the Rigours of Ethical Leadership 9 Attracting the Right Staff Members to Work for BP Plc in the First Place 14 Conclusion &amp. Recommendation 17 References 18 Bibliography 22 Introduction In the year 1908, the company BP Plc had discovered the oil fields in the parts of Persia and since then onwards the company started to grow though it has also faced several challenges during the phase of development till now (BP PLC, 2011). BP Plc has numerous pipelines with oil and gases that are being traded in the global market. In the year 2000, the brand was represented through the ‘green, yellow and white sunburst’, symbolising energy in all its dynamic forms. The company BP Plc is a UK based and it was registered as British Petroleum Company PLC just before January 1999 (BP PLC, 2011). Aims / Objectives The study will focus upon the BP Plc’s challenges that they face while trying to achieve corporate social responsibilities (CSR). CSR is provided significant importance in recent times and are also observed by customers, stakeholders and governments. The focus of the study is also upon finding out whether the organisation ensures members of staff are trained in the rigours of ethical leadership. Furthermore, the methods by which BP Plc finds the apt way to attract the right staff members to work for the organisation, in the first place will be evaluated. Cultural and ethical contingencies of leadership will be part of the study in analysing the BP Plc’s approach in achieving the objectives. The Challenges BP Plc Face in Trying to Achieve CSR CSR has become progressively more significant activity to the business that are nationally or internationally operating. As there is growth in the globalisation, several corporations serving globally such as BP Plc have increasingly identified the potential benefits of the CSR program worldwide (ASOCIO, 2004). In the matter of CSR, the oil and gas has been one of the leading industries. This industry has showed its leadership quality towards the CSR in different ways. In the earlier periods too, the industry of oil and gas had shown leadership quality in providing importance towards the social and environment impact with the local community. However, due to such culture the industry has been able to lead globally. BP Plc has become the important player in the category of renewable energy and has been continuously fighting with the carbon dioxide emission to minimise its affect upon globalisation (Frynas, 2007). The challenge that BP Plc face during recent times is related to the boundaries of CSR. The Chairman and Group Senior Advisor of BP Plc states that, the boundaries towards the CSR are abstract and the major responsibility of the company is towards the owners and shareholders (BP PLC, 2011). There has been misalignment in the objectives of the BP Plc between the owners and the stockholders. The alignment of the CSR with the business operations is important otherwise the implementation of the CSR will not be effective (Lukin, 2011).

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