Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Emiratization It Needs To Be

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Emiratization. It needs to be at least 20000 words.

The research used a literature review and a primary research involving interviews of fifteen managerial respondents from across different sectors of UAE. The findings showed that there was a need for the government to change both policy and structural framework to provide better direction and support to organisations towards getting Emiratisation on the road to success. At the policy level, the government needed to amend the aims of Emiratisation, in addition to quotas it should use measures like ‘number of trainings provided to Emiratis’. There is also a need to modify the curriculum at the higher educational level to better match the organizational needs to create public awareness and affect a change in the mindset of the Emiratis to make them more amenable to accepting different levels of jobs in diverse sectors. The government may also subsidize private sector salaries to make jobs attractive to Emiratis while at the same time reduce the burden on the organisations. At the structural level, it is recommended to make Tanmia more focused and powerful and to encourage Abu Dhabi Emiratisation Council or ADEC to play a more active role by helping organisations develop their internal targets and plans for Emiratisation, and by streamlining the educational institutes with the market needs.

The organisations are recommended to initiate a culture change so that the top level and the HR managers as well as other employees are ready and prepared to take in local Emiratis as equals with equivalent skills and competence. The organisations also need to place measures for accountability of managers towards Emiratisation targets and to share their experiences openly with ADEC and other organisations.

The research concludes by highlighting scope of future research to explore the means and ways of making these recommendations a reality as well as for assessing the true potential and impact of these recommendations.

The current research is

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