Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Do The Writings Of The Black

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Do the writings of the black abolitionist you chose (as reflected in the primary source) support or contradict Harriss description of black abolitionists in New York City Do the abolitionists, as described, have the same aims or objectives Do they o. It needs to be at least 1000 words.

ng novels and giving speeches. their main aim being kindling sympathy among white people to join them in the fight against slavery so that they would free their colleagues who were still held in bondage. Harriet viewed black abolitionists in the New York City as those who were attempting to create identities for themselves1. There was runaway racism and blacks faced rejection and discrimination in the city they moved to as slaves. According to Harriet, the abolitionists were fighting for equality, which was not the case as confirmed by Harriet’s text whose aim was majorly to inform and discourage.

Harriet Jacob was one of the black abolitionists who fought slavery through her writing when she wrote the novel, Incident in the Life of a Slave Girl. Harrier wrote the book after escaping from her master. She was a black woman who was born and raised in servitude in North California. She remained a slave for twenty seven years. All her family members were slaves, starting from her grandmother. Her position as a woman slave contributed a lot to her writing since she felt like women were not only physically torture but also deprived of their virtue as women2. Women slaves were being sexually harassed and forced to helplessly watch their children suffer.

Harriet chose to expose her story of enslavement, digression and sexual exploitation through her narrator Linda Brent in her novel, Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, which she wrote after escaping. She hoped that by talking about her experiences, she would kindle a flame of compassion in people’s hearts for her sisters who were still in bondage. Most people did not take her seriously because they took the novel as a work of fiction. However, those who believed in her saw her work as a rear display of bravery, especially by a woman.

Harriet Jacob’s target audiences were white women living in the North. According to her, exposing injustice against a fellow woman, especially on sexually exploitation, would spark

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