Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Diversity And Equality In Or

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Diversity and Equality in Organizations. It needs to be at least 3500 words.

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It depends upon management that how they convert those conflicts into cohesiveness and benefit the organization. Diversity is directly pertinent to creativity however. poor management of this does not only takes out creativity of the organization but also brings inequality. When an organization possesses diversity, it is very important for the management to organize it with equality if it wants to acquire its full benefits. When people belong to same background, have same age, possess similar qualifications and skills they have lesser conflicts and more cohesiveness (Agarin &amp. Brosig, 2009, pp. 160-350). Nevertheless, this cohesiveness fails to bring creativity. This happens because they indirectly belong to the same group but when people have diverse background, different ages, and different levels of qualification, it becomes very difficult for them to accept each other. It is a very common phenomenon because even siblings in a house, who belong to same parents, take a lot of time to accept each other then how can one expect from people who belong to diverse backgrounds to accept each other without conflicts. Due to these conflicts, many organizations refuse to implement diversity in their workplace, which does not create room for innovation in their organization. One thing that needs clarification is the difference between diversity and discrimination. Many organizations unintentionally promote discrimination instead of diversity. Discrimination is present in many forms, which are age, gender, race, disability, marriage, pregnancy etc. This report discusses each of these forms in detail. One form of discrimination that is very common in underdeveloped countries of the world is unfair attitude towards women. Many woman are discriminated if they are pregnant, employers directly discriminate women by asking them to leave their jobs if they want to have maternity leaves. However, organizations also discriminate indirectly so that they do not come under any legal prosecution for implementing inequality. Some times while communicating requirements of a job, organizations state that whoever applies for this job should be able to work for longer hours away from home (Bach, 2005, pp. 56-240). It is obvious that married women are unable to give longer hours away from home as they have to take care of their children and family. Even, unmarried women sometimes cannot give longer hours due to some restrictions. One cannot deny that for some jobs like salespersons’ job, it is very necessary to communicate these requirements. However, if an employer states these requirements just not to attract the women, it is unfair. Apart from these issues, discrimination also lies based on unequal distribution of pay to men and women. Salary does not only include the amount of money given to employees at the end of each month but also fringe benefits like provision of vehicle, utility services, domestic assistance services, medical allowances, entertainment allowances, travel allowances, holidays and the like. Even if men and women get the same amount of money but they get unequal fringe benefits they are discriminated. However, sometimes giving equal benefits is also unfair because men and women possess different set of needs therefore companies should try to first analyze those needs and give benefits accordingly (Bell, 2011, pp. 200-500).

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