Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Digital Game Theory And Desi

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Digital Game Theory and Design. It needs to be at least 3000 words.

The report also revealed that an increase in the number of gamers who buy virtual currency and virtual goods. 22 percent of gamers have bought virtual goods while about 20 percent have made payments to play a game. Men buying virtual goods and services registered to be more than women.

Many companies are seeking to expand their platform in the market that is about one billion dollars in net worth. The viability and efficiency to buy and use virtual goods earns companies huge profits. The games can be played on social sites like Facebook. If a gamer buys a product on the social sites the game earns big profits. Advancement of mobile technology has also allowed gamers to play games on their mobile phones. When a gamer purchases and downloads a game the profits are shared between the social site and the gaming company. Previous versions of most digital games did not offer much graphical experience to the gamers. Most of them were text-based. Most of the companies are now competing on a graphical format. Good graphics makes the game appear real and the gamers enjoy. Competition in the market is concentrated on the graphical appeal of the games. Integrating latest technology is another factor to consider. New technologies and change in social networking infrastructure demands that the companies keep updating their games. Gamers have made a habit to play with their friends or interact with fellow gamers online. Other games are also ranked as “standalone” and do not need communication with friends to play. Many companies are now focusing on creating platforms that enable games to be played on social networks. The games allow more than one user to play at a time. The interaction in social gaming is magnificent thus the increase in the number of users.

The gaming industry is exporting its technologies and products to mainstream businesses.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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