Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Describe Plato S Theory Of H

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Describe Plato”s theory of human nature. In what ways does his conception succeed, and in what ways does it fail Given your analysis, what is the relationship between Plato”s theory of human nature and his theory of politics Is this an adequate for. It needs to be at least 500 words.

Socrates claims that a just individual in the one with a balanced soul. The paper describes Plato’s theory of human nature and describes how he succeed and ways he failed. It then tries to relate Plato’s theory of human nature with his theory of politics.

In the description of a balanced soul, Plato through Socrates described an individual as consisting of a soul, with three parts. The three parts are the rational, the spirited, and the appetitive part. The rational part of the soul is where reason resides. The spirited part is where tempers reside, while human desires resides in the appetitive part of the soul. People ruled by the rational part of the souls are the wise or philosophers. Strong and courageous people in a society who usually become soldiers are those ruled by the spirited part of the soul while appetitive part of the soul controls producers or weak in a society.

Plato succeeded in his description of different inspirations for people in a society. Just as claimed by him, there are people who rely on rationality and those who prefer to base their actions on their tempers or desires. Plato was able to show that different factors guide people in their actions. Human desires like pleasure may motivate an individual to behave in a particular way. For instance, a person with a desire for food will look for food to eat. Again, a person may stop fulfilling a particular task like eating until another time because of some reasons. For example, a person may first want to do assignments before eating. However, the truth of Plato’s argument did not put into account the fact that people are not classifiable into classes. A person can be motivated by one factor now but later by another. For instance, a person can base his/her action on desires and later uses logical reasons. A person desiring alcohol may look for it. The same person might refuse to fulfill his desires for alcohol because it is wrong to do so in that particular situation or

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