Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Definitions Of Heresy And Th

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Definitions of heresy and the descriptions of the trial of Margery Kempe. It needs to be at least 750 words.

During the time during which Margery was practicing her belief, she was at odds with the common belief of the general public. Margery was a woman who in one way or another tried to spread her beliefs to others. This could be counted as preaching which was against the teachings of Paul for a woman to preach to the people. The definition of a heretic includes having deviant faith from the commonly accepted scriptures which Margery was guilty of. She wore all white and claimed to have visions of Christ and Mary that seemed unreal from the scriptures. She could not have been the maid of Mary. Her beliefs were a risk as they would bring discourse should the people have started believing in her faith. It is for this reason that the Archbishop of York did not want her to be escorted by a younger man. He was willing to pay five shillings to an older man to escort her instead because his faith in the common scripture would already be established and tougher to sway (Clark 2007).

The definition also includes that the error is ascertained when the individual believing in deviant faith refuses to renounce this faith. Margery refused to denounce her belief before the priest and before the Arch bishop. For this reason, many people were against her and wanted her burnt as they believed that she as committing heresy. It is proved from the definition that an aspect of her faith led her to commit heresy. Despite knowing the scriptures, she did not follow them to the letter which led her to be arrested in several accounts for instance in York. She had different ideologies bout the scriptures and what was expected of the human beings from Christ. The trips that Margery made were in the name of spreading her faith to others which was therefore an act of preaching. She was trying to get more people to share in her faith about the scriptures which was a crime in itself as she was a woman

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