Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Dealing With Conflicts It Ne

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Dealing with Conflicts. It needs to be at least 2000 words.

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He points out that he was kind to the old man during the entire week that he was planning to kill him so as not to appear to be a suspect upon his death. The narrator spent the entire week visiting the home of the old man dead at about midnight and he watched the man sleep while he fantasized how he would destroy the vulture’s eye but every time he would find the eye closed as the old man was fast asleep. So he went on hoping to find the eye open during one of his night visits and this went on for seven straight nights. On the eighth night, he went on with the usual routine but this time he made a slight sound when his thumb slipped on the tin fastening on his lantern and this woke up the old man who then found it difficult to get sleep afterwards. This is what the mad narrator had been waiting for all this time, the eye was open and it made him very furious every time he looked at it and after waiting patiently in the dark for quite a while he pounced on the old man and dragged him out of bed to the floor before proceeding to pull the bed over him. The old man shrieked only once during the whole incident and after a short while he was dead. A neighbor who had heard the shriek from the old man’s house called the police who arrived moments after the narrator had dismembered the old man’s body and hid in the floor after pulling out three planks and fitting them back perfectly. The police found him in the house and they did not suspect anything wrong as the narrator explained that the old man had gone away on a trip. The police were in no hurry to leave and this made the man uneasy that he begun hearing a ringing in his ears that was becoming louder as time went by making his head to ache a lot. This continued until he…

The paper tells that people do different things that are sometimes unexplainable all because of some tragic events that they underwent during their childhood or adulthood that change their functioning driving them to do some crazy things like suicide, being rapists or serial killing just to fill a huge gap within their heart and soul. These events alter there mental and emotional status a great deal. Victims of trauma and conflicts should be loved cared for and be given professional counseling to be able to get solutions to the many questions they have and later on gain healing and closure. When dealing with victims of trauma and conflict it is important to understand the particular cultural context in which it occurred. This gives a deeper understanding as to the causes of the conflict and the approaches to be used to address the issue and try and resolve in in an amicable way. People who have gone through wars and terrorism attacks as well as other kinds of traumatizing events usually have no care for tomorrow, their minds are hinged on what happened to them and their loved ones and the only thing on their mind is usually revenge and self pity. What needs to be done to such people is to encourage them that yesterday is gone, today is here and it will come and pass too but the future depends on what we do today. In order for our children and their children’s children to live a better life without the sorrows experienced in the past, something needs to be done, not later but now.

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