Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Cultural Assessment It Needs

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Cultural assessment. It needs to be at least 500 words.

However, this has changed over time and tremendous growth of this tribe occurred. Hawaiian language is the forms part of the native language but many have abandoned it for English. Education has a high place in this tribe with Hawaiian children receiving public education like many of US citizens. In addition, there exists special education system where Hawaiian children learn using their native language. This have helped improve the level of literacy in this tribe.

Hawaiians belief that health is a holistic issue and thus should be taken seriously. They use the term Lokahi to express their understanding of health. Lokahi means balance or harmony. In this culture, a person is healthy when their physical, mental, and spiritual parts are peaceful. Healing can only occur traditionally after putting things straight in the spiritual realm. They believe that illnesses affect the entire family, which calls for consulting every member of the family on the treatment plans (“Stanford,” 2012). Hawaiians have adopted poor eating habits from the westerners eating food high in fat and low in complex carbohydrates. Therefore, diabetes is a common disease to Hawaiians with a prevalence rate of 69.3%. A return to the old eating habits can help lower this prevalence. Hawaiian islanders grow traditional foodstuffs like taro, and sweet potatoes that are quite nutritious (Roger, 2011). Apart from obesity, other diseases that are catching up on this population include cardiovascular diseases due to change from fishing to canned fish (“Stanford,” 2012).

Hawaiians traditional healing practices include massage, tacking some herbs, prayer and conflict resolution. These beliefs have hindered Hawaiians from accessing helpful medical treatments. There are tremendous changes in the way Hawaiians seek medical treatments nowadays. However, Hawaiians

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