Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Cross Cultural Management It 1

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Cross-cultural management. It needs to be at least 1000 words.

That is why all objects that are found on the land are living, since they emanated from the land, which gives life, soul and spirit to the living. According to Ferraro’s notion of culture, “Everything that people have, thinks, and does, they do it as members of a society.” In relation to the aboriginal culture of spirituality, this notion can easily be confirmed. This is because, in the aboriginal culture, spirituality is expressed in the form of ceremonies, paintings and rituals (Holden, 2002 p42). This fact points to the fact that the expression of spirituality in this culture is not done as individual aspect, but rather as a societal aspect, where all people are enjoined either through ceremonies or rituals to conduct their spiritual expressions. There is a great relationship between the aboriginal spirituality and the land, since the aboriginal culture upholds the fact that land is their food, their culture, their identity and their spirit. Therefore, in any aspect of expressing spirituality. the ceremony, the ritual or the painting, has to start and end with the connection of the people to the land, since land is the fundamental aspect of their lives. The ceremonies and the rituals are conducted on land, since land serves as the major bond that links life and the aboriginal people. The tight connection between the spirituality and land concepts in the aboriginal culture emanates from the fact that, the aboriginal people believe that they originated from the land, and they will end up in the land, once they are dead (Velo, 2012 p77). Therefore, to them, land is as good as the spirit that gives them life, and it is a fundamental source of life for them. No wonder therefore that any spiritual aspect of the aboriginal pe

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