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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Critical Appraisal. It needs to be at least 1000 words.

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Critical Appraisal

Health professionals have been lacking the skills to vaccinate members of the public, which is an aspect that has increased the number of casualties as a result of the disease. The study plays, therefore, an important role in order to enlighten the government on the need to undertake an in-depth campaign to the people for them to accept the vaccination. In addition, the study is important for non-governmental organisations. This is because these organisations, which educate the public on the need to take up vaccination, mainly use statistics from these researches in order to come up with a conclusion or way forward. Also, the research is important to the government as it highlights the effort made and its importance to the general public (Macnee and McCabe, 2008). Value Added by the Study The study gives up-to-date information concerning vaccination and percentage of people who have received the vaccination. This data will be useful in future planning for the intervention. In addition, the study will help the government to determine the most affected people who need more attention. Type of Research Question Posed Different types of questions were posed to the people. Some of these questions were open ended and close ended. Those were mainly used in order to ensure that the information obtained had a deep insight into the topic. The questions also asked on the effectiveness of the vaccine. The questions are aimed at coming up with a conclusion concerning the prevalence of the disease, predictions and investigations on the quality of the health care given. Effectiveness of Research Questions on the Study The questions used were effective to some extent as they enabled the researchers to come up with a conclusion. In addition, the method used to avoid errors allowed the researchers to narrow down to almost the correct answer to the problem. The questions are ethically appropriate and are unbiased – an aspect that can be equalled to the overall results. On the other hand, the mailing system used to send the questions to the population to be interviewed was not effective. This is mainly because many interviewees are likely to ignore the letter and not send back the feedback. How the Research Addressed Biasness One of the methods employed to avoid biasness is use of randomly picked samples. This ensures that there is no specific group favoured in the research. On the other hand, what researchers did was so little to avoid biasness. Instead, they could have biasness through training the people to be interviewed in order for them to understand the questions asked. Although they used educational letters, such letters were not effective as some of the members who were interviewed could not understand them. This aspect, therefore, could have interfered with the overall study (Crombie, 1996). Nevertheless, use of one form of getting information could have made the results of the study ineffective as they lacked an in-depth analysis of the topic. For a study to be effective, both quantitative and qualitative methods of obtaining data should be applied in order to minimize any error associated with the study (Gerrish and Lacey, 2006). Outcome in Accordance with the Original Protocol The study was able to achieve the initial objective that was set. Due to well structured research methods used, the researchers were able to keep up with the task, which enabled them to gather the necessary information.

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