Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Contract Law Incorporation N

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Contract law incorporation notice UCTA 1977. It needs to be at least 1250 words.

On its face it has the name, address and logo of MML and Juicy Drinks Limited’s name together with the date of hire on 6 July 11.00 am until 6pm. There are no clauses on the face of the booking slip, however it ushers for the reader to refer to the reverse side of the paper for the clauses. On the back of the booking slip there are many clauses in small print. One of those clauses stated that MML will not be liable for any faults in the marquee or for any loss caused by bad weather that prevents the marquee being raised. Another clause states that the marquee must be vacated by 7pm on the day of hire.

Unfortunately, on 6 July there is a horrendous thunderstorm and the marquee cannot be raised until 3pm on that given date. Meanwhile Joseph’s potential customers have had no shelter from the torrential rain nor any refreshment since 11 am. They tell Joseph that they will never buy from him and do not sign the lucrative sales contract. To drown their sorrows Joseph and his team enter the marquee eventually at 3 pm and don’t leave until 9 pm. Juicy Drinks refuse to pay for the remainder of the hire charge and sued MML in the High Court for breach of contract with losses to include loss of the valuable sales contract with their potential customers.

(i) The clause that MML were not liable for any loss had not been incorporated in the contract because insufficient notice had been given (Interfoto Picture Library v Stiletto Visual Programmes Ltd [1988] applied).

Witter J therefore awarded Juicy Drinks Limited damages for breach of contract including loss of profit from the new customer. MML has decided to appeal against this decision to the Moot Court of Appeal. Acting as counsel for the appellant MML prepare a skeleton argument for your client dealing with both of these points.

2. The Appellant is a hirer of marquees and has been in business for the past twelve years. The Appellant’s business supplies marquees to businesses and

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