Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Computing And Programming Wi

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Computing and Programming with MATLAB. It needs to be at least 1000 words.

In these review we shall investigate two scenarios are, one of linear horizontal motion and that of linear vertical acceleration. In traveling through air, the beetle will experience upwards and gravitational force acting downwards. Therefore to estimate the final velocity of the beetle we need to incorporate the drag force due to air resistance and also the gravitational component of the velocity, for the beetle to fall one mile below until it touches the ground. Velocity of the Porsche is easy to determine by empirical and mathematical equations of linear motion. In solving for the freefall velocity of the beetle, we shall make use of the MATLAB high level programming language, which will assist us to compute and display the results. MATLAB programs work hand in hand with various softwares related to programming languages such as JAVA, C++, FORTRAN python, including other windows compatible applications. In these review we shall design for a MATLAB program to calculate the travel time and velocity of two vehicles one moving horizontally while the other moving vertically downwards to cover a distance of one mile (1609m)

In order to achieve maximum retardation, we shall now cause the beetle to fall flat on the wheels exposing maximum area to air resistance. hence the drag force will be highest consequently reducing the velocity of fall.

In order to launch this program starts up, we need to initially enter the time and distance for the Porsche to cover the one-mile stretch .we shall then allow MATLAB to calculate the velocity as a function of the two variables. We shall then calculate the drag force by use of the formulae available for both minimum and maximum conditions that is when the beetle falls nosedive or flat on to the wheels. It is now possible to calculate the mean velocity of free fall using drag force, mass of beetle, and gravitational acceleration given by application of

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