Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Circumcision Of The Newborn

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Circumcision of the Newborn Male: Medical Necessity or Unecessary Surgery. It needs to be at least 1250 words.

The question is worth-discussing, therefore, the given paper is designed in order to discuss different reasons and possible benefits of newborn circumcision.

It is interesting that in the modern world people find a lot of reasons for circumcision, besides religious. The newborn circumcision is usually made on the parents’ request, thus neither Medicaid nor other medical insurance cover the costs of this procedure. Girls are usually not circumcised in developed countries (Simkin et al, 1991). Some people from America decide to circumcise their baby boys because of the following reasons:

There are many different positive and negative opinions about circumcision. Notwithstanding that there are some supposed benefits of it, doctors still do not recommend it: “From that study WHO and UNAIDS international expert consultation on male circumcision and HIV prevention concluded that there is unfolding evidence from randomized controlled trials, undertaken in Kenya, South Africa and Uganda, that safemale circumcision reduces the risk of heterosexual transmission of HIV infection from women to men by approximately 60%. The trials also showed that male circumcision performed by well-trained medical professionals in properly equipped facilities is safe.” (WHO Regional Office for Africa, 12 September 007ccited in “Newborn Circumcision – Pros and Cons”).

Actually circumcision does not bring any definite harm or benefit. Many American men who went through this procedure testify that it does not influence their psychological, sexual state or body image anyhow. It is also interesting that some women from the United States prefer men who went thought circumcision for hygienic reasons (Eisenberg, 1989).

Circumcision is also connected with the number of risks such as infection after operation, doctor’s mistakes, anesthetic difficulties, serious blood loss and even death (1 infant out of 500000 dies from circumcision). Sometimes,

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