Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Childhood Physical Abuse Wit

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Childhood physical abuse with mentally disabled children. It needs to be at least 1500 words.

More recently, the push for preservation of the rights of the mentally challenged in society has seen more research go into the forms of abuse perpetrated against them, and to what extents these actions have been hurting their ability to comfortably fit in society. More so, researchers have paid particular focus upon the factors that make the mentally challenged children more prone to acts of abuse, as suggested by subsequent research findings. While many forms of abuse are perpetrated against the mentally handicapped children, sexual and physical abuses are becoming particularly rampant, with statistics showing a sharp rise between the 1990s and today (Putnam, 2003). So, why is the response quite unproductive despite heightened awareness? This is the key question that I will be focusing on as I endeavor to assess the state research into sexual and physical abuse among the mentally challenged children.

Sexual abuse is defined as the commission of acts sexual or sex-suggestive acts on an unwilling, or unaware person, or one who is not legally considered to be mature to engage in sex, or who is unable to expressly refuse the advances of a perpetrator (Putnam, 2003). In this definition, mentally disabled children are expressly covered as being unable to make sound decisions to refuse sexual advances both due to the state of their minds and their inability emanating from mental incapacitation. Physical abuse incorporates the use of excessive force to make a person obey instructions, make them suffer, or simply torture them physically (Spataro, Mullen, Burgess, Wells & Moss, 2004). In light of the growing concern about sexual and physical abuse of mentally challenged children, I have undertaken to investigate the state of literature in the field, search for existing gaps and assess whether these gaps could be responsible for the growing

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