Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Change Continuity In Contemp

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Change & Continuity in Contemporary Business. It needs to be at least 3500 words.

It also enthused the workforce with renewed vision of the company and provided clarity to them with regard to their roles in the makeover of the organization. Yet, the transformation could be called only a part success since this transformation has not solved the company’s major problem of ageing median age of its customers. The company would be again forced to brainstorm in order to tackle this situation. In the hurry to tackle immediate crisis, it has not made any provision for future market changes. It is yet to act as per the perceived changes in the coming years.

Eventually, the report recommends that Harley Davidson should seek its future in newer market segments with new products. Among its employees, it should train and guide a chosen set of people to catch the signs of advancing change in the market scenario and take steps to prepare accordingly. It also recommends the organization to diversify in other automobile segments such as cars and commercial vehicles.

As evident from the time bar above, Harley Davidson saw lots of ups and downs before it entered the transformation phase. Harley Davidson, in its early days was the only motorcycle manufacturer in America and ruled the motorcycle market. However, it was caught unawares when foreign entrants flooded the market with innovative, quality and affordable products. The Japanese players catered to newer market segments untapped by Harley. The change in management of the company and the new management’s haste to catch up with the competitors added to the woes of the company which was already suffering from declined market share. The company slumped to its lowest in terms of market share i.e. 23%. It was at this point that few of its managers decided to take over the company. They tried to understand the strengths of the competitors and the weaknesses of their own organization and brought about a fresh insight into work. Under the able leadership

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