Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Case Study Of Phs Partners H

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on (Case Study of PHS. Partners Healthcare System Case.) Analyze as follows: 1) Evaluate the transformation currently taking place at Partners Healthcare System. 2) Suggest how to improve the transformation. 3) Assess the relevant risks of your i. It needs to be at least 500 words.

77). This is a major problem which much be addressed. An evaluation of the transformation at PHS has revealed that such a system could inevitably compromise the safety of any patient’s complete medical record. Thus, any health care professional on the network would have access to records—and could potentially ruin a patient’s safety and security by simply gaining access to records, or allowing someone else to access those records without proper authorization. This problem definitely needs fixing.

How the transformation of this organization can improve, for example—would be making sure that the electronic medical records, or EMRs, were only accessible to the correct individuals by requiring a password to be entered. Also, everyone who looked at the medical record would have to sign off with not only initials but a full name, as well as the institution or hospital from which the records were being accessed. Also, a comment would have to be entered as to why the records were being accessed. This is the only logical solution to the problem of these EMRs being possibly accessed without proper authorization. Thusly, the system will have a way of being able to track how the medical records are being utilized. It is so important that a system like this be put in place so that the medical records are definitely protected from misuse or mismanagement within a hospital or other institutional setting.

The improvement of the system needs to include ways that the people who access the records can effectively sign off in addition to being able to describe what was the purpose that they accessed the records in the first place. Otherwise, there will be a steady parade of people accessing the network, without necessarily any accountability as to why the network is being accessed. Thus, every time the system is accessed, there should be different security measures in place to ensure that

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