Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Case Study Law It Needs To B

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Case Study-Law. It needs to be at least 1250 words.

The signing of the terms and conditions for hire also includes the hirer’s conformity to UTS’ policy on the expression or manifestation of religious, political, and such other beliefs, ideas and values practiced in UTS (University of Technology Sydney, 2006).

Even though the venue booking has been approved beforehand, the UTS may still cancel such an application without notice if there are “extraordinary or unusual circumstances” which necessitate such cancellation (University of Technology Sydney, 2006). The University, however, will make an effort to find a substitute venue if the cancellation of the booking was without the fault of the hirer (University of Technology Sydney, 2006). Cancellation made by the hirer of the dinner 24 hours before the event takes place, shall result in the payment and liability for a cancellation fee equaling to a hundred percent of the total hire and event fee as stated in the terms and conditions (University of Technology Sydney, 2006).

In terms of displaying promotional material on the window of the venue, the terms and conditions of hire states that there must be an approval first of the University or an express permission made, without which, any advertisement, poster, handbill or other form of announcement or statement should not be placed on any structure or natural feature of the campus including windows (University of Technology Sydney, 2006).

In using sound and audiovisual equipment, authorization must first be given by the University, especially when used in the said premises (University of Technology Sydney, 2006). Aside from this, the details regarding the amplification of the equipment should be described by the applicants in detail so that the appropriate provisions can be made, details of which include the utility connections and facilities for loudspeakers, speaker’s or performer’s location, control of decibel level and others (University of Technology Sydney, 2006). Prior

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