Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Book Ian Kershaw It Needs To

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on BOOK : IAN KERSHAW. It needs to be at least 500 words.

ix). In an attempt to do this, the writer takes a new dimension of the World War II and the role played by Hitler and the Nazis. The writer critically reviews reasons behind why German kept fighting till the very last hour that they did even though the battle seemed lost and a continuation of it seemed devastating. In the estimation of Ian Kershaw, the reason was that there were strong structures instituted by the German government and for that matter Hitler that rules on the states of mind of the German army. Such structures make the army know of only one thing and that was obedience.

A critical analysis of the issue holding on to the end as presented by Kershaw brings out a number of concerns. First is the fact that there is a limitation on all human endeavors. Indeed, the Hitler led army had a character and psychological structuring that was to make it possible for them to fight to the end. But there had to be a time when their limit was to be met and so they had to surrender unconditionally. In the second place, an excruciating but factual accolade could be given to Hitler and other German led leaders as they being charismatic. Though used in wrong way that caused Germany as lot of destruction, the need for charismatic leadership in pursuance of collection goal has been analyzed as a very vital component of leadership – for in Hitler could achieve such a cruel motive with his charismatic leadership, then what can a vision oriented leader not do in the face of charisma? Lastly, there is the issue of a leader who was ready to take on board all his followers to defending his ideologies even when they proved to be wrong. It was for this reason that Hitler was keen about making the entire nation follow his way of thinking that Germans should under no circumstance fall into the hands of Soviets. But should citizens suffer for the wrongful thinking of their leaders?

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