Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Blog Assignment It Needs To

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Blog Assignment. It needs to be at least 750 words.

The next reason is social structure where we as humans build the society and its structures and end up believing in it so strongly that it becomes very difficult to change those beliefs. Our cultures play a great role in the beliefs we have about all the aspects in our lives. This means that everyone has different beliefs about issues due to the different societies believes from our backgrounds. The psychologist Emile Durkheim echoes an issue that we grow up in the society, where values and norms are inculcated in us, and we feel like we are going against our norms if we go against those beliefs.

It is almost normal not to believe in new information as it challenges what we have designated as normal. Having grown up differently, we have specific acuities for new knowledge, but we all eventually end up believing in it anyway. That is why science moves so slowly, but this change with evolution, which is the mother of all changes. Evolution actually helps in building up on the evidences that have already been put on theory by science and people have no choice but to believe in the evidences.

The sociological interest in this article is what makes people not to believe things even those with scientific evidence. This is mostly explained by our psychological makeup and our beliefs. Cognitive dissonance involves rationalizing things or making excuses for doing things which we know is wrong (Sally et al). We alter existing cognitions not because we want to, but there is a motivational force behind this. A good example is given on the blog about smoking which has gone on over the years despite the death of millions and the ever present warning on the cigarette box. Everyone knows it is wrong, but smokers rationalize or give excuses (Sally et al).

When a child is born, the society looks up to it for the continuity of their beliefs and norms. The child is brought up according to the rules and regulations of

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