Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Athletic Director At State U

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Athletic Director at State University. It needs to be at least 1500 words.

tate University have devised their funding strategy from a different point of view, where they openly disclose their needs and costs to their supporters. Few weeks ago, the men’s track and the field coach released their budget through their athlete website detailing the items needs and the program attached (Humphrey, & Humphrey, 112).

Furthermore, the team ensured that the individual needs were accompanied by their related costs. this gave supporters an overview of the expectations of the team. The Michigan State University track and field schedule prove goal oriented and transparent. This strategy proves an asset to many schools when creating awareness for their needs. Another crucial consideration is that the funds raised must attend to the needs specified if the team wants to gain the trusted the donors (Humphrey, & Humphrey, 146).

A successful athletic department ensures that the donor will always yearn to help the team achieve higher levels of success. The period 1800/ 1900 marked a momentous date in the calendars’ of college heads, law makers, alumnae, faculty, athletic directors, as the intercollegiate athletics along the institutions of higher learning was signed. they were well aware of the relationship between the success of their athletic schedules through the cooperation of donors. The reasons as to why vast individuals assume the positive influence attached to college sports and donors comes from the fact that. a well performing team serves as a source of revenue to colleges and universities in question. College sports are normally termed as a million dollar industry. prompted by their exposure to the public (Humphrey, & Humphrey, 156).

The Michigan State University involves its activities in the media through. print media, the Internet, and through the television. There appears a belief that. successful college sports are a ticket to accessing more revenue for colleges and universities involved. As the director of the Central Michigan

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