Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Anthropological Puzzle It Ne

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Anthropological Puzzle. It needs to be at least 750 words.

The hunter who catches the large animal has the best part of the meat. Power also translates to their marriage traditions and male regard for large families.

2. What does the AAA statement on Race say in regards to biological vs. socio-cultural constructs of race? Give 2 specific examples. Why does this document say that that construct ‘race’ was invented?

It says the ‘construct’ invented to separate by visible differences those who had power over others before DNA studies could show there were more differences within groups than between them. So, to create a labor force, control politics and channel wealth, differences that grouped people by physical similarities were a handy way of deciding who would rule and who would obey. But rather than biological or phenotypic differences, it is socio-cultural traditions that define groupings of people into nations or tribes. The way people behave and bring up their children determines what ‘race’ they belong to. Divisions were obvious among European American, black African slaves, and indigenous Indian people. In places like Europe, racial myths were exploited to gain dominance over Jews, Romanies, and homosexuals under the power of white Aryan supremacists.

She showed how weak or deformed babies were left to die, and mothers displayed no grief or regret, a practice widespread through the community. Most mothers abandoned children with no chance of growing into useful adults or those who would be a drain on energy and resources. This heartless way seemed at odds with Western notions of natural maternal love. She saw the mothers were hardly able to look after themselves and had multiple pregnancies with many infant deaths, so the culture allowed women indifference for the ones that died, reserving love and care for the ones that lived. It made her redress the generally held assumption that maternal instinct is universal and innate.

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