Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Another 2 Of Developing A Co

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Another 2 of developing a country/market analysis for any emerging market. It needs to be at least 3500 words.

It has the 17th largest GDP by purchasing power parity. The liberalized tariff rates are one of the most important reasons for its improvements. The foreign direct investments are also high here. The highly advantageous location of the state influences in business development. Turkey’s well developed infrastructure contributes a lot in the growth of the market. The present political stability of the country creates a positive impact on its emerging market. In this assignment the British multinational company Top shop is expanding its business in Turkey. The company is a retailer of fashion clothing. make up, shoes and accessories. Top shop is part Arcadia Group. The company has around 500 shops throughout the world. It was founded in1964 in Sheffield and controlled by Sir Philip Green. The major competitors of this brand are GAP, ZARA, MANGO, RIHANNA etc. ZARA is the biggest competitor of Top Shop. This UK based company Top Shop is experiencing market saturation. Therefore it is expanding its business in different location to extend its life cycle. The company wants to enter in the emerging market of Turkey because it is trying to diversifying its risk profile. It will get a new customer base in the Turkey’s market. This will help the company to build perception of scale. With the technological development of Turkey the firm will also experience many emerging and new technology. The emerging market of Turkey will provide many opportunities to Top Shop. Its brand will be recognized internationally. The government of Turkey has a huge contribution in supporting the developing market of the country. As A foreign company Top Shop will also receive some advantage from this.

Turkey was considered to be the 17th largest economy across the globe encompassing GDP of $766 billion. It has been stated by economists that Turkey is fastest growing economy and is expected to grow by 8% in coming years. The country is even aiming towards

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