Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Analyzing Value Net For Omni

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Analyzing Value Net for Omni Hotel & Resort. It needs to be at least 500 words.

Customers that are satisfied with their experience are highly likely to tell their friends about it. A second way customers could add value to the firm is by becoming recurrent customers of the company.

Rivals – The company faces competition from direct and indirect rivals. All four and five star hotels in Texas are direct competition of Omni Hotels. Homes that rent their facilities for short monthly contracts are an indirect competitor of the firm as well as condos. Three direct competitors of Omni Hotels in the Corpus Christ marketplace are Days Inn Beach, Radisson Hotel, and Knights Inn. The rivals of the company represent a threat to the business organization. Omni has over 50 hotels across the United States (Omnihotels, 2011). The Corpus Christi hotel can add value and turn this threat into an opportunity by forming marketing alliances with other competitors. All the registered hotels in Corpus Christi can form a cash pool to advertise the region to tourist inside and outside of the United States. Such an initiative would increase the total tourism money that the region receives which would benefit the entire hospitality industry.

Suppliers – In the hospitality industry suppliers have little power over hotels. Hotel chains such as Omni enjoy several competitive advantages including power to buy in bulk and take advantage of economies of scale, high variety of supplier options, and greater brand value than their suppliers. Several key suppliers that Omni Hotel must emphasize include food suppliers, cleaning suppliers, and bathroom supplies. The food suppliers are instrumental toward the success of hotel operated restaurants. Tourists are willing to pay a premium prices as long as they receive superb service and quality food. The organization can add value in its supply acquisition by advertising to the customers that they can take for free any supplies in from the room such as

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