Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Agile Software Development I

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Agile Software development (individual Reflection Report ). It needs to be at least 1500 words.

alyze and gather various sets of information on agile development process so as to use its techniques in developing the Student Attendance Monitoring System. The group got information from lecture notes, books and online sources about the Agile Development process.

The group was able to come to an agreement that the system offers a framework that is lightweight, entailing a collection of development methodologies which are iterative used by development teams. From the information that the group gathered, it was clear that agile development software delivers working software of high-quality in the functionality of business value.

This is the kind of software that the group needed in the development of the monitoring system. Another technique that the group was looking out to in the agile development process was its combination of methodologies such as question-and-answer (QA), project management, and even in engineering practices, together in a way that will help the agile development team through processes of managing, planning and delivery of the software. Every member of the group had a role to play, assigned by the group leader. With the combination of all the roles, the group saw the realization of its objective on the assignment.

The members gathered information from sources mentioned earlier. The group was able to compile the information that Agile’s most popular methodologies include the extreme programming methodology (XP), Scrum, Kanban and hybrid methodologies. The group noted that even though these software methods have approaches that are specific and unique to each of them, they have the same core values and share a similar vision stated in the agile manifesto (Holcombe 2008).

During the development process, the group employed some of the XP practices. The practices were pair programming, system metaphor, test first development, small release, and continuous integration and collective ownership. All the group members knew how the system works

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