Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On A Restaurant It Needs To Be

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on A restaurant. It needs to be at least 500 words.

The first point of interest to me in that situation would immediately be the safety of myself and of my friends. with the safety of other restaurant patrons being included in this overall level of concern as well. Secondly, I would most likely get down and instruct all of those around me to get on the ground and maintain a low profile. i.e. in other words not allow the shooter to have any type of discernable target to focus his fire upon. The second thing that I would do is try to organize a fast exit for my friends and the other people within the restaurant. Although it is helpful to get down low and try to present the shooter with a small of a target as possible, an even more important factor will be to evacuate the place as soon as humanly possible. Due to the fact that it is unknown what the shooter ultimately intends on doing combined with the fact that sitting around and waiting for the worst is foolish.

The third item that I would attempt would be dependent upon the situation and overall proximity that I had to the shooter in the case in point. If I was in a situation in which I could throw something, distract, or otherwise incapacitate the shooter I would do so as both a means to protect myself and as a means to seek to provide a necessary element of distraction to allow others the opportunity to escape. Fourthly, I would seek to find help as soon as possible by contacting the authorities. This fourth point has waited until later in this analysis due to the fact that time is of the essence with regards to seeking to rapidly evacuate the premises and ensure that the other steps which have herein been detailed are adequately followed prior to taking the time to open the phone, dial the authorities, and explain the situation as it is unfolding. Although the level of discussion that has been described is speculative, there is truly no way to describe to anyone how I would ultimately act in a situation such as the one described. regardless of the

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