Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On A Case Study On Inuit Enviro

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on A case study on Inuit environment and resources, and their relationship to Inuit culture and belief system. It needs to be at least 1250 words.

They have their own distinct literature, music and arts, most of which are created to praise and worship the spirits that guide them in their everyday lives.

The term Inuit refers to the group of aboriginal people that live and occupy the Arctic region from Greenland to the east of Siberia (Park). They arrived in the Arctic from Asia through land bridges, as a matter of fact, it is settled that they are “the last people to cross from Asia” (King, 9).

Needless to state, the Arctic is perhaps the most unlivable place on earth – forever cold and frozen – yet the Inuit have made it home. They lived off of the abundance of the sea and whatever is found on land. They made tools from animal bones and rocks which are then used to make clothing from animal skin and fur. For their fuel which they use for cooking and lighting, they have learned to extract the oils from sea mammals like whales. (King, 9) The land and the sea provide for all their needs, and they return the favor by making offerings to the spirits of nature.

With the help and guidance of the spirits, the Inuit was able to develop things that made living in the harsh environment easier. They live in an igloo, travel on water with the kayak and on land with dogsleds, use ulu which is a knife used by women for household chores, and discover the utility of the quilliq which is a small stove made of stone. During the never-ending winter season, the quilliq not only cooks their food but also provide heat and light to the entire household. (The Inuit Way, 8)

The Inuit boasts of a very rich and colorful culture which is in stark contrast to the monotony of their natural environment. Despite contact with foreigners, the Inuit have been successful in preserving their cultural heritage and identity, with the preservation of Inuktitut, the Inuit language.

To ensure that the younger generations never forget their identity, small children are taught to play the traditional games and

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