Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Article On What Is The Goal Of School

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on What is the Goal of School Reform by Michael B. Katz and Mike Rose. It needs to be at least 1500 words. The learning process as they claim it has not included the practice of the theoretical aspect but, it has been simplified into a behavioral one. The intended audience for this paper probably is the body funded by the government of the United States that is concerned with school reforms in the entire country. One of the critical values about this work is its successful challenge on the goal of the current reforms that only focus on professionalism and does not put into consideration the intellectual view.

&nbsp.In this scenario, Michael B. Katz and Mike Rose main aim are to persuade their audience to change their goals in regards to the school reforms. From the test that was derived from the “possible lives” case study in Baltimore we see Stephanie trying to expose her students to the practical side of learning, and she is trying to analyze the intellectual part of his students that are not actually covered in the syllabus. From this scenario, we learn that the school is poorly equipped, and she even spends her low salary to buy learning facilitators and types of equipment. Michael B. Katz and Mike Rose are persuading their audience to change their course on school reforms.

Michael B. Katz and Mike Rose have used narration and comparison to passing their message to the intended audience. In the narration, we see the episode they use about Stephanie and her students about the Hermit Crabs. From the script, we learn that the children were learning the theoretical version of the script. Consequently, a question from Kenneth challenges Stephanie on the possible habitat of the hermit crabs.&nbsp.From the above phenomenon, we learn the school situated in Baltimore was not well equipped and maybe did not have even a simple laboratory facility. We learn that the teacher Stephanie runs all the way to the kitchen to collect warm water from the women preparing lunch. &nbsp.

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