Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Article On Those Areas That Do Not We

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Those Areas That Do Not Well Use the Resources Stay Undeveloped. It needs to be at least 1000 words. The articles are on the case against helping the poor. The article argues that everyone on the earth has an equal right to an equal share of resources. In the current situation, two-thirds of the nation is poor and the other third comparatively rich with the United States being the richest of all. The article argues on the plans that are made by those countries that are rich and those that are not rich. This brings the difference between the countries.

The third article is about sustainability. In the recent situation, the term sustainability has been wrongly used to refer to practices that are reputed to be more environmentally important than others. The term is indispensable and should be used as the cornerstone for all the planning that is used in a country. The axioms of sustainability are defined in the article. The first axiom is that a society that remains to use acute resources untenably will collapse. The second axiom is population growth or growth in the rates of consumption of resources cannot be sustained. The third axiom is that to be sustainable, the use of renewable sources must be preceded at the rate less than or equal to replenishment. The fourth axiom is that the use of nonrenewable energy sources and the rate at which they decline must be greater or equal to the rate of depletion. The last axiom brought about is that sustainability requires that the substance that is introduced into the environment from human activities be reduced and compact harmless to biosphere roles.

The issue that all three essays are concerned with is on resources. In the first essay, the argument is on the reasons that make the author not being able to buy a computer.

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