Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Article On The Role Of The Catholic C

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on The Role of the Catholic Church and the Vatican During the Nazi Holocaust. It needs to be at least 2500 words. Among the entirety, Poland was the worst hit and 90% of its entire population was annihilated mercilessly. The defeat of the Nazi forces in the hands of Allies ensured the return of peace and also put an end to the hellish existence. At the same time, attempts were made to a large dimension in order to assess the reasons behind such massacre and individual responsibility so that the recurrence of such an incident can be stopped in the future. During this process, a starling range of information received special attention, which not only revealed a lack of proper initiative to protest against such brutal onslaught but the passivity of both the Catholic Church and the Vatican against showing explicit objection against ongoing trend of mass murder and indiscriminate abuse against humanity.

The famous political theorist and philosopher Edmund Burke once prophetically commented regarding the prevailing power of evil over humanitarian forces that “The one condition necessary for the triumph of evil is that good man do nothing.”2 Execution of innocent Jews in the hands of Nazi forces might not be stopped entirely but with an undertaking of adequate initiatives the magnitude of such torment could have been lessened to a considerable extent. At the same time, the passivity of the Catholic Church and the Vatican was quite surprising to witness. The faiths and morals of Christian discipline clearly pronounce servitude towards sufferers irrespective of religious and racial differences. However, when it comes to the practical application of such religious and philosophical principles, there is no doubt about the fact that Christianity has shirked to a great extent from its actual goal. The silence of the Vatican during the Nazi holocaust is clear proof in support of the observation. Pondering over the role of contemporary Pope Pius XII historians have raised certain very relevant questions regarding his passivity.

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